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CHEN EXAM 1 answer - CHEN 1000 Creative Technology Exam#1...

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1 CHEN 1000: Creative Technology Exam #1 2/21/2008 33 problems, 3 points each (1 point for correct student ID #) 1. Which form of energy takes advantage of stored chemical energy? (a) geothermal (b) hydroelectric (c) nuclear fission (d) oil 2. Fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, natural gas) represent what percentage of current US energy? (a) 12% (b) 52% (c) 86% (d) 98% 3. Kilowatt-hours is a unit of energy. (a) TRUE (b) FALSE 4. Which of the following does NOT utilize energy that originates in our sun? (a) a coal-fired power plant (b) photovoltaic cells (c) a nuclear power plant (d) biodiesel 5. What logical fallacy(ies) is/are illustrated by Bill’s statement below. Jen: I don’t like the idea of building new nuclear power plants. I read on the Sierra Club’s website that the radioactive waste can cause environmental problems. Bill: You environmentalists are all alike; if there’s one little problem, you want to completely eliminate a technology. (a) scare tactic (b) appeal to authority and appeal to consequences (c) association fallacy and straw man (d) slippery slope and red herring
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2 6. If the conversion of coal to electricity is 50% efficient, and the transmission of electricity over the grid to your home is also 50% efficient, what is the net efficiency of the entire process of getting electricity to your home? (a) 5% (b) 25% (c) 50% (d) 100% 7. Which of the following alternative energy sources is most likely to be used to power mass transportation in the near future? (a) solar power (b) wind power (c) biofuels (d) nuclear 8. According the Shell’s sustained growth scenario, the consumption of will decrease before 2060. (a) oil (b) coal (c) wind (d) biomass 9. Which of the following is NOT generally considered a serious concern associated with the use of fossil fuels as an energy source? (a) there is a conflict between oil extraction and agriculture (b) fossil fuel supplies are finite and limited (c) the use of fossil fuels produces greenhouse gases (d) the US does not produce enough oil to satisfy its own requirements 10. Which of the following is FALSE? (a)
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CHEN EXAM 1 answer - CHEN 1000 Creative Technology Exam#1...

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