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chen exam 3 practice - Creative Technology Exam#3 Practice...

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Creative Technology Exam #3 Practice Problems 4/16/2008 1. Which of the following is NOT true of the risk assessment method of evaluating a technology? (a) the familiarity of a technology affects the perceived risks and benefits (b) a new technology must be abandoned at the first sign of risk or danger (c) the risks and benefits of a technology must be weighed against each other (d) a beneficial technology should not be pursued if the risks are too great 2. Which logical fallacy is NOT illustrated by the following statement? I don’t think vaccines are safe. Jenny McCarthy says her baby became autistic after getting vaccinated. (a) association fallacy (b) correlation implies causation (c) inadequate or biased sample (d) appeal to authority 3. Use logic and common sense to determine which of the following is most likely to represent a legitimate evidence-based concern that is specific to genetically modified (GM) crops. (a) People could be poisoned by eating GM crops. (b) Giant agribusiness companies like Monsanto stand to make a fortune from GM crops. (c) GM crops can become contaminated with dangerous bacterial pathogens. (d) Desirable migratory insects could be killed by Bt crops. 4. What fallacy is illustrated by the following statement? Greedy companies that have fouled the planet with toxic chemicals are now manufacturing genetically modified food. (a) association fallacy (b) appeal to consequences (c) slippery slope (d) circular reasoning
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unnatural”? (a) Is not! (b) Genes are frequently transferred between organisms in nature (c) mutations are required for evolution to proceed (d) the word “unnatural” has absolutely no meaning 6. StarLink corn was banned from human consumption because … (a) People got sick after eating it. (b) People were allergic to it (c) It failed in vitro laboratory tests designed to predict allergenicity (d) genetically-modified foods are never approved for human consumption 7. Which of the following is FALSE? (a) the public is generally more accepting of agricultural biotech than pharmaceutical biotech (b) food scares like Mad Cow disease led to an irrational fear of agricultural biotech (c) marketing tactics by the organic food industry lead to public fear of biotechnology (d) insufficient familiarity with the technology leads to public fear of biotechnology 8. Which of the following is an ethical concern related to the public knowledge of an individual’s genome? (a) Future medical treatments may be able to customize medical treatment based on genetics (b) Employers might base hiring decisions on genetics (c) It is currently very expensive to sequence the human genome. (d)
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chen exam 3 practice - Creative Technology Exam#3 Practice...

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