ATOC 1050 chapter 24 notes

ATOC 1050 chapter 24 notes - ATOC 1050, Rauber, et al....

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ATOC 1050, Rauber, et al. Chpt. 24 Floods 1. Overview: a. Flooding causes most property damage in USA b. Flooding is the second leading cause of weather-related deaths worldwide. c. Magnitude of floods: 1) 100 year flood 1% chance of occurrence 2) 500 year flood .2% chance of occurrence 3) Careful – a “100 year flood” does NOT mean the flood occurs every 100 years; also, if the 100-year flood occurs today, another one could occur tomorrow. 2. Types of floods: a. Widespread, slow rising floods 1) Large amounts of rain over watershed usually over several days 2) Easier to predict 3) Can cause “slow disasters” b. Flash floods 1) Occur rapidly with little or no warning 2) Usually caused by slow-moving thunderstorm occurring over small geographic area 3) Dam breaks – including ice dams c. Coastal floods 1) Storm surges 2) Strength of storm, topography important. Why? 1
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Can you have more than 1 type of flood at the same time? 3. What factors contribute to floods? a. Precipitation rate, duration, and number of events b. Topography and configuration of basin c. Ground cover (type; saturation; etc.) d. Exacerbating circumstances (human and natural) 4. Slow rising floods : a. Usually initiated by a “stuck” jet stream
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ATOC 1050 chapter 24 notes - ATOC 1050, Rauber, et al....

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