Urinary system - The Urinary System 1 ANATOMICAL...

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Unformatted text preview: The Urinary System 1. ANATOMICAL TERMS: (Matching terms) 1. urethral meatus a. outer part of kidney ‘ 2. creatinine , b. inner part of kidney 3. ureter c. microscopic functional unit capable of forming urine 4. urethra V d. waste product of muscle metabolism excreted in urine 5. nephron V ' 6. tube carrying urine from kidney to bladder 7 6. hilum f. opening in urethra to outside of body 7. renal cortex g. system of ducts carrying urine from nephrons to renal pelvis 8. urea h. waste product from liver excreted in urine 9. renal medulla i. canal carrying urine to outside of body V 10. calyces indented opening in kidney for incoming and exiting vessels 1. principal organs of urinary system a urine 2. microscopic ball of capillaries at top of nephron b. renal fascia 3. basin—like portion of ureter within kidney c. afferent arteriole 4. outer part of kidney (1. renal medulla 5. pale yellow liquid waste (95% water) e. renal tubule 6. strong fibrous tissue holding kidneys in place f. efferent arteriole 7. inner part of kidney g. kidneys 8. vessel carrying blood to glomerulus h renal pelvis 9. stern portion of nephron i. renal cortex 10. vessel carrying blood from glomerulus j. glomerulus 2. ANATOMICAL TERMS: (Fill the Blank) renal cortex afferent arteriole . glomerulus renal tubule . nephron . calyces . urea . urethral meatus 9. renal pelvis 10. ureter 11. pair of organs that filter wastes form the blood 12. functional unit of the kidney 13. pale yellow liquid waste (95% water) 14. soft inner part of the kidney 15. vessel that carries blood away from the glomerulus 16. vessel that carries blood to the glomerulus _ 17. ball-shaped collection of intertwined capillaries in a nephron 18. external opening of urethra 19. depression of kidney where vessels and nerves enter 20. tube that carries urine from kidney to bladder coucxu-upoopg-A 3. SYMPTOMATIC AND DIAGNOSTIC TERMS: (Fill the Blank) dysuria . urethritis . polydipsia . oliguria . pyelitis . pyuria . ureterostenosis . hematuria . hydronephrosis . enuresis . inflammation of a kidney 12. urination at night 13. sugar in the urine 14. abnormal condition of the renal pelvis 15. pain in the bladder 16. distention of kidney to bladder tube 17. abnormal softening of kidney 18. hernia of bladder 19. 20. woodman-pone? am in the canal c development of a calculus in kidney to bladder tube ' ' ' urine to outside of bod 4. SYMPTOMATIC AND DIAGNOSTIC TERMS: (Matching terms) 1. hematuria 2. pyelonephrosis 3. ureterolithiasis 4. urethrodynia 5. polydipsia 6. glycosuria a. sugar in urine b. excessive thirst c. development of a calculus in urinary kidney to bladder tube d. abnormal condition of renal pelvis e. blood in urine . f. pain in canal carrying urine to outside of body 1. pain in bladder 2. distension of urinary kidney to bladder 'tube 3. abnormal discharge from urinary tube 4.formation of pus in kidney 5. urinary incontinence 6. obstruction of outflow of urine from kidney 7. non-urination 8. abnormal softening of kidney 9. hernia of the bladder 5. OPERATIVE AND THERAPEUTIC TERMS: 10. excess of urea and nitrogenous waste in blood a. nephromalacia b. ureterectasis c. enuresis d. anuresis e. cystocele f. azotemia g. cystalgia h. nephropyosis i. hydronephrosis j. urethrorrhea (Matching terms) 1. renal angiogram 2. cystourethrogram 3. pyeloplasty 4. urostomy 5. diuretic 6. hemodialysis 7. ESWL 8. cystoscope 9. renal Bx a. ultrasound from outside the body to disintegrate urinary stones b. removing blood impurities by artificial kidney machine c. instrument for examining the bladder d. removal of kidney tiSSue for pathological exam e. x-ray of bladder and urethra f. x‘ray of kidney's artery g. creation of artificial passage for urine to exit body h. surgical repair of renal pelvis i. dru that increases urination 6. OPERATIVE AND THERAPEUTIC TERMS: (Fill the Blank) 1. cystometer 2. extracorporeal lithoiripsy 3. nephrolithotomy 4. pyeloplasty 5. cystoscopy 6. nephrorrhaphy 7. urostomy 8. urethropexy 9. meatorrhaphy 10. hemodialysis 11. incision into ureter to locate (and remove) calculi 12. suture of a kidney , 13. instrument for visual examination of bladder 14. specialist in the study of the urinary system 15. suturing of the external opening of the urethra 16. an X—ray ofa kidney 17. excision of the bladder 18. creation of an artificial opening into the urethra 19. surgical repair of the urethra 20. drug that increases the secretion of urine L— ...
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Urinary system - The Urinary System 1 ANATOMICAL...

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