November 19- Myth and Public Space

November 19- Myth and Public Space - Myth and Public Space...

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November 19, 2007 Myth and Public Space The Forum of Augustus and the Alter of Peace in Rome Augustus’ Building Program Extensive: he claimed to have found Rome in brick and left it in marble; also claimed to have refurbished 82 temples in one year (and built new ones too) Augustus and Myth Augustus used particular myths and mythical characters not just as decoration, but as symbols, even as propaganda in favor of his reign By making such symbols prominently visible in public places, he made sure that as many people as possible were exposed to his propaganda Fora (Plural); Forum (Singular) What is a forum? - Public sp ac e, often for business or legal proce e dings - Athenian e quivalent: Agora Just one at first: the Forum Julius Caesar built a forum Two uses of an Imperial Forum Concrete: a physical space Abstract: - A sym bol (of we alth, power, etc.) - A m e s s a g e (conc ern for the people’s ne e ds) - Propaga nd a (illustrating a particular doctrine) The Forum of Julius Caes ar d e dicat ed 46 BCE Caes ar built the forum to m ake m ore spac e for all kinds of business Also de dicat e d a s p art of gre at triumph al celebration
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The centerpiece was a temple to Venus Genetrix The Forum of Augustus Approximately 125m x 90m Main entrance from Forum of Caesar (his “father”) Centerpiece: temple of Mars Ultor Work probably not begun until at least 25 BCE; not quite complete when dedicated    BCE Design and Décor: - Marble of several different colors - Colonnades lined with statues -
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November 19- Myth and Public Space - Myth and Public Space...

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