November 30- Myth and Philosophy

November 30- Myth and Philosophy - Myth and Philosophy...

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Unformatted text preview: November 30, 2007 Myth and Philosophy Cupid and Psyche Apuleius • Born in c. 125 CE in Madauros in North Africa (modern M’Daurouch in northern Algeria) • Studied in Carthage and Athens, spent time in Rome • Married wealthy woman in Oea (now western Libya); let to accusation of magic • Ended as a celebrity writer and intellectual in Carthage • Last datable writings: early 160s CE • Surviving writings - The Golden Ass or Metamorphoses- Apology: courtroom speech in defense against the charge of magic- On the God of Socrates: treatise on daimons (compare Plato’s Symposium )- On the Doctrines of Plato: textbook on Platonic philosophy • Described himself as a Platonic philosopher The Golden Ass • Latin novel in eleven ‘books’: the only Latin novel to survive complete (five ancient Greek novels survive complete: first to fourth centuries CE)- Long prose narratives set in ‘real world’- Independ ent fictions that ar e not p art of a larger world of myth (contrast epic) • Told in first person by charact er na m e d Lucius; s et in the ‘present’ in m ainland Greec • Opens with Lucius on business trip to town in Thessaly, a region of Greece famous for witches • Arrives in town, st ays with m utu al acquaintance; m e ets ‘aunt’, who warns him that hi host’s wife is a witch...
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November 30- Myth and Philosophy - Myth and Philosophy...

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