September 5- Hesiod, Theogony

September 5- Hesiod, Theogony - -He lived in the very...

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09-05 Hesiod, Theogony Identity and Date Ancient Greeks regarded Hesiod as one of their earliest and most important poets Information from his poems - Works and Days 699-710: father a sailor in Greek city of Kyme (Aeolis, coast of modern Turkey), gave it up to settle as a farmer in Askra near Helikon (Boeotia, central Greece) - Theogony o Theos (god) + gone (offspring, family); compare ‘genesis’ and ‘genealogy’ o Genealogy of the gods o Cosmogony o General Structure -Preface: Invocation of Muses (1-115) -First to third generations of gods (116-338) -Fourth generation: children of the Titans (339-620) -Fourth generation: establishment of Zeus’ rule (617-885) -Fourth and fifth generations: the rule of Zeus (886-1030) Modern scholars usually date to c.700 BCE Why don’t we know more about him?
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Unformatted text preview: -He lived in the very earliest stages of the reintroduction of literacy to the Greek world Succession of Gods Second generation: Ouranos (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth)-Castration of Ouranos by Kronos (156-183) Third generation (Titans): Kronos and Rheia-Rheias deception of Kronos (463-508)-Battle of Titans and Olympians (621-725) Fourth generation (Olympians): Zeus-Battle of Zeus and Typhoios Theogony and Myth Where did Hesiod get the material that he included in Theogony ?-Myth! Traditional stories-Example: parallels to succession myth known from Ancient Near Eastern cultures What did he do with this material?-organize and elaborate-rework and shape Rule of Zeus Becomes king of gods (886-90) Marriage...
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September 5- Hesiod, Theogony - -He lived in the very...

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