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Name: __________________________ Guide 06:Inherit the Wind, 20 questions – 2 pages Answer the questions and then upload the page to D2L.Due date:Oct 24, 5:30 p.m. Preparation: Visit: <> (1) What year and where did the Scopes Monkey Trial take place? (1 pt) (2) Whose side did ACLU take (the defendant or the prosecution)? (1 pt) (3) On what ground did Judge Raulston rule that expert scientific testimony on evolution was inadmissible? (1 pt) (4) After successfully ridiculing Bryan’s literal interpretation of the Bible, why did Darrow the defense lawyer ask the jury to return with a verdict of guilty? (1 pt) (5) In what year did Tennessee finally resolve the constitutional issues left unchanged since the Monkey Trial? (1 pt) The Film ________ (6) Rachel:Tell them you are sorry.Tell them it was all a mistake.Please… Bert: Tell them if they let my body out of jail, I’d ___________________________?Could you stand that, Rachel? (7) E. K. Hornbeck:No.You won’t find one growing in “Heavenly Hillsboro.”A few ignorance bushes, perhaps, but no _______________________________. (8)
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