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PHI Essay - "Extending the Framework for Effective Parental...

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“Extending the Framework for Effective Parental Love” By: Pete Smith Section 07 Matt Koehler I, Pete Smith, do solemnly affirm that this paper, “Extending the Framework for Effective Parental Love,” is my own intellectual product. By this, I mean that the ideas contained therein are solely my own unless otherwise indicated. In particular, I hereby affirm that the essay submitted has not been either purchased or otherwise obtained from a source, be it a single individual or an organized group of individuals, that distributes previously written essays or composes essays on behalf of students. Peter W. Smith Jr. 11/19/2007 1
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In the minds of many touted philosophers, including Laurence Thomas, parental love is more basic than morality. With this claim comes an intrinsic sense that parental love is a “good thing.” It is obvious that parental love, in most scenarios, is a “good thing,” as it fosters a fundamentally unique feeling of worth for a child. However, there can certainly be such occurrences where too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Not to get too caught up in rhetoric, however, more tangibly, we must recognize instances where a parent might excessively love their child to a fault. More specifically, we must acknowledge scenarios where a parent might love their child to the extent to which the child either becomes dependent on their parent for love and therefore can not fully prosper without the constant reaffirmation of love, or is subconsciously perverted by excessive parental love such that the child’s most basic sense of love trivializes all other forms of romantic love he shares later on in life, in that unless the child experience outright obsession from his or her lover, he or she can never truly feel loved again. Furthermore, extending beyond the domain of infantility, we can further see how instances of excessive parental love throughout adolescence can result in negative ramifications for both the child and the parent. At the very foundation of our argument is a working definition of parental love. In
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PHI Essay - "Extending the Framework for Effective Parental...

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