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Internet What was ARPAnet? Why was the Internet originally created? The original form of the Internet. Advanced Research Projects Agency. 1960’s Defense Department. Would clog less space because it linked two computers. More impervious to screw-up and military disasters. What is the single most popular use of the Internet? E-mail Be able to define and give examples of “participatory media” and “media convergence.” PM= Producers instead of consumers. (Blogging etc.) MC= Lots of mediums available, through lots of mediums. What does CIPA or the Children’s Internet Protection Act require? Why has it been criticized? All library and public areas had to filter out content because children might see it. Adults were allowed to remove the filter if they so choose. People thought it had too much censorship What are spam, phishing, cookies, spyware, and keylogging? Unsolicited e-mail. New twist on identity theft. Phony emails pretend to be from official sites. Ask for credit card #s and other stuff to update account. Info profiles about a user that are usually accepted through a web browser or stored on the users hard drive. Unwanted stuff on hard drive that monitors what you do. Packaged with software. Tracking keystrokes. What are the major factors contributing to the digital divide (hint—check lecture notes)? Growing contrast between those with access to technology and many media vs. those who don’t. Access. Experience Gap. Speed of Access. Age, Sex, Race and Gender How do boys and girls differ in their use of the Internet? Entertainment/ Game use. Educational, Social, E-mail Use. What is lapware and why is it criticized? Baby Software Cons: Depth Perception/ Cognitive Development Pro: Neurological Development According to Garfield’s article in Wired, what is “exploding TV?” How does Garfield describe the “spiraling vortex of ruin” of the Old Commercial Broadcasting Model? How does YouTube contribute to “shared cultural context?”
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Exploding TV was that the line between internet and TV are becoming more and more blurred. of No more ads, TiVo Skipping Commercials. Lack Ad Revenue. It gives people something to talk about Be familiar with the problems related to “post roll ads.” Ads you can’t fastforward through Public Relations Know the differences between advertising and public relations. Advertising: company buys media exposure and therefore has complete control over it, wheras in PR a firm or company attempts to secure favorable media and spin the exposure I a positive light. Advertising is very direct and the consumer knows who paid for it and what their aim is, whereas PR s more subtle and the goal is for the media to accept the campaign. Why did public relations first develop?
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StudyGuide2 - Internet What was ARPAnet Why was the...

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