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School Of Paris Notes

School Of Paris Notes - In 1926 Cabanel's painting was...

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In 1926 Cabanel’s painting was consigned to the basement of the muse du Luxembourg; independent dealers and collectors began to purchase avant-garde artists works more frequently. The so called “school of Paris” arose as a more naturalistic style catering to those who preferred pre-cubist forms of representation but who still wanted an avant-garde feel. The former fauves eschewed their former incendiary style. Realist painting from Courbet to van Gogh was admired as “nationalist” precedents for work that eschewed the “failings” of “Boche” Cubism. During his stay in Nice (1917-29), Matisse explored Orientalism in a more naturalistic vein than his Fauve work. He did very colorful and decorative work. For years he cranks out Odalisque after Odalisque. Orientalism became popular in nineteenth-century France as the nation colonized parts of North Africa. Images of harem women sold as exotic, sexy variations of the female nude.
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