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WS301 NAME: Camille Johnson Prof. EK Sparks Feb12, 2008 Quizlet  2 on Unit 2 1. On what document is the Seneca Falls resolution based and why? It was based on the Declaration of Independence because the delineation of issues in the declaration bears a startling resemblance to contemporary feminist writings. 2. What are the earliest complaints and calls for reform from the first feminists? What do they ask for first? The earliest complaints and calls for reform were for education, marriage, and property rights, but they asked for education first. They wanted control over property and earnings, guardianship of their children, and rights to divorce. They also wanted the right to vote. 3. What is the nineteenth-century doctrine of “separate spheres,” and how did it limit women’s choices? Separate spheres basically says that men and women belong in two different spheres and they should not mix. The men’s sphere is the workplace – showing he is the head of the
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Unformatted text preview: house, the money bringer, and the one in charge. The women’s sphere is the home – showing she should stay at home and cook, clean, and care for the children. This limited women’s choices because it was hard to break out of the stereotypical “housewife/homemaker” sphere. 4. List at least 3 or 4 of the accusations made against suffragists by the anti-suffragists. What did they say would happen if women got the vote? They said women got the best spot at the table, and in cars, sleighs, and carriages. They said women’s clothes were more expensive and took up way more room. They have the warmest place in winter and the coolest place in summer. They choose the side of the bed they want. If women got the vote then women would start being on the jury with men. This created the thought that men would become sexual predators. There was also the thought of role reversal. What if men had to stay at home and the women brought in the money?...
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