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quizlet 3 on unit 2 ExtraCredit

quizlet 3 on unit 2 ExtraCredit - expresses the crucial...

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WS301 NAME: CAMILLE JOHNSON Prof. EK Sparks Feb 19, 2008 Quizlet  3 on Unit 2 (4 points possible) 1.. If nineteenth century feminists concentrated on getting women property rights, divorce and child custody rights, the vote, access to higher education, and access to the professions, what did twentieth-century feminists concentrate on? List the major interests of twentieth- century feminism. Twentieth-century feminists concentrated on correcting the “image of women” / purpose of women / role of women. Women wanted to be believed and respected and taken seriously by everyone. Women also wanted equality in the workplace. There was the ERA. Women wanted equality in sports too. 2. What is “ protectionist” legislation? How does it relate to “equality” feminism and “difference” feminism. What are the problems with protecting women for feminists? Protectionist legislation would be to treat the symptom, rather than the disease. Equality feminism is a submovement of feminism. It is at odds with difference feminism and
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Unformatted text preview: expresses the crucial similarities between the 'male' and 'female' sexes. Equality feminists believe that both men and women, while unquestionably biologically and anatomically different, enter the world with the genetic inheritance of a mother and a father and from that respect human nature is androgynous, neutral, and equal. Difference feminism is a philosophy that stresses that men and women are ontologically different versions of the human being. Many Forms of difference feminism often stress a fundamental biological, emotional, psychological or spiritual difference between the sexes. 3. When and why was abortion first made illegal in the U.S.? Abortion was never made illegal. In the 1820’s there were poison control laws created for women getting abortions via poisons. In 1971 abortion was legalized. In 1989 and at various earlier dates restrictions were put on abortions. After so many weeks an abortion Is not an options. There are also age restrictions....
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