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Clay Conrad A7 Front office Assignment Chapter 5 1. Preregistration activity, creating the registration card, assigning the room and rate, establishing the method of payment, issuing the room key, fulfilling special requests. 7. Cash, personal checks, second or third party checks, check guarantee service, credit cards, direct billing. Cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks and money orders are equivalent to cash. 11. Upselling refers to the efforts of reservations agents and front desk agents to convince guests to rent rooms in categories about standard rate accommodations. Upselling is appropriate during the reservation process but can also work well with walk in guests. Front desk workers should mention physical features as well as the benefits and conveniences of alternative, available rooms. Chapter 6 6. Because guest relations tend to improve when the front office systematically identifies its most frequents quest complaints. By keeping a log book management can often identify and address recurring complaints and problems. A property will benefit from handling a
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