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Clay Conrad Professor Champion November 26, 2006 English Writing and Research Skills Cloning What are your views on Cloning? Why are these your views? Those two questions could easily be some of the most highly debatable questions in this nation, if not the world. Not to mention that cloning itself is among the most debatable topics this day in age. defines cloning as: “the process of asexually producing a group of cells, all genetically identical, from a single ancestor.” In Layman’s terms cloning in an identical copy of an object. You could clone anything from an animal to a human being and, it appears today, the possibilities to cloning could be endless. What I would like to do is educate you on the processes of cloning so that if you choose to favor a side you will have facts to back up your opinion. Cloning is a delicate process that is misunderstood by many who argue against it. What are your thoughts; do you believe cloning should be legal? Cloning became known in 1997 when two Scottish scientists at Roslin Institute created the highly celebrated sheep “Dolly.” Dolly attracted worldwide interest and much controversy because of it’s “scientific and ethical implications,” according to the website Dolly was considered the scientific breakthrough of 1997 but was surrounded by mass amounts of controversy as well. What people fail to realize when
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cloning - Clay Conrad Professor Champion English Writing...

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