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chimp movie 11-16 - alpha male will intervene or chimps...

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Chimp movie -live in tribes 20 to 100 strong -love meat, and fight in packs -very organized fighting, -scouting, and very similar to what human soldiers are trained to do in armies -extremely brutal short lived attacks -will only attack if they out number the others -after they kill the member of the tribe, they never finish the meal-almost a ritualistic practice -lucy example- chimps have a somewhat defined ability to communicate wich one another 100-150 avg. signs, although lucy was actually able to speak several words and acknowledge her mistakes. Very impressive -chimps have a form of conflict resolution although never with a member of another tribe. Sometimes an
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Unformatted text preview: alpha male will intervene, or chimps will make up in a form afterwords.-forms of sharing- “he shared with me last week I will this week, he didn’t the following week so I wont this week”-chimps rarely kill another member of their tribe.-chimps imtimidate enemies by forming a group to disrupt its ability to feed like making a lot of noise since pythons hunt by ambush and surrounding it-typical patrol behavior is to scream back at enemies and and go back and forth, but eventually go home. Smart, or coward?z//...
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