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Proposal TO: Professor Combiths From: Jacob Pillis Date: March 30, 2008 Subject: Permission to use topic for final report THE TOPIC The topic for the final report that I’m thinking about is Big Business vs. Small Business. More specifically whether or not the rise of corporations and huge industry has hurt or helped this country. Also included will be how corporate American is destroying family business and local business. While I’m not a business major and can’t say that I’m an expert on this subject, I do have a pretty firm understanding of capitalism and industry in America today. Also my father is the owner of a small family business that was first opened by my grandfather many years ago. While this may seem like I have a bias in writing this paper I will do my best to stay neutral and take a look into both sides of the argument. REASONING BEHIND TOPIC As mentioned before my reasoning behind the topic is that I’m the son of a small business owner. My grandfather opened up a service station some nearly 60 years ago and is now
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