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Discussion Qs 2.2 - Nathaniel Hilbert 1 Who governs and to...

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Nathaniel Hilbert 1. Who governs and to what ends? In theory, the people govern themselves. We have elected representatives from the local up to the federal level. At each level of government, the people have some way to make there voice heard and felt. Through such forums as elections, referendums, initiatives, people have direct or indirect effect on the rules that they live by. 2. Why study American Government? Knowing about American Government can be invaluable. Government is where people go to have the ultimate influence. Although influence can be felt in many ways, government is arguably the most powerful. This explains why so many powerful business leaders make the transition to politics. As the saying goes, there are some things money can’t buy. Usually the best way to make one’s mark on people is by directly affecting policy. Sometimes that means going in through the backdoor with lobbying or lawsuits, but for many that means becoming politically involved.
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