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Issue 8 Should N. Korea’s Nuclear Arms Program evoke a hard-line response? YES: William Norman Grigg : N. Korea is a dangerous country with an untrustworthy regime and that it is an error for the US to react to their nuclear arms program and other provocations by offering it diplomatic and economic incentives to be less confrontational. NO: Robert J. Einhorn : the idea that Pyongyang can be squeezed until it capitulates and surrenders its nuclear weapons capabilities or collapses altogether is wishful thinking. Issue 4 Should the US decrease its Global Presence YES: Louis Janowski : the view that the 9/11 attacks ushered in a new geo-strategic reality requiring new foreign policy approaches is based on a false and dangerous premise and is leading to an age of American neo-imperialism. NO: Niall Ferguson (NYU): a US restreat from global power would result in an anarchic nightmare of a new Dark Age
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Unformatted text preview: Issue Is Russian Foreign Policy taking an unsettling turn? YES: Ariel Cohen : the revival of statism and nationalism has seriously diminished Russia’s chances of being regarded as a close and reliable partner that is clearly committed to democratic values NO: Leon Aron : there are pressures within Russia to try to take a more confrontational stance but the forces for moderation are stronger Issue 15 Is the War on Terrorism succeeding? YES: Douglas J. Feith : the US is succeeding in defeating the terrorist threat to the American way of life and the terrorists are on the run, the world is safer and better off for what has been accomplished and that Americans have much to be proud of. NO: John Gershman , the “war on terrorism” being waged by the administration reflects a major failure of leadership and makes Americans more vulnerable rather than secure....
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