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Jane goodall movie 1/23/08 Chimps were at first afraid of jane and it took months just for them to get used to seeing her from a distance. Found that chimps are nomadic and travel anywhere from 2-6 miles a day Go from noisy and extreme one moment to calm and peaceful the next Interesting to note that when this movie was made people thought that chimps primarily ate vegetation and berries instead of meat It took 18 months to finally be accepted When looking at a closeup of the chimps feat, they look similar to ours except the seem to have fingers instead of toes. After displays of aggression the dominant male sometimes reassures the other males and “makes up” One chimp used his intelligence to pound on empty kerosene cans to ascend from a lower ranking male to the dominant one. Eventually the chimps came to trust jane through bananas Females learn childbearing through experience from other mothers
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Unformatted text preview: Surprisingly eventhough chimps seem to not like the rain they do little to get out of it, just wait it out. Chimps know that sticking grass in the holes of termites will bring them out. They also know that when the end gets weaker they break it off to make it more effective. They get water out of trees by using leaves as a sponge When chimps found that they were not able to be given bananas at will but sparingly they tried to make tools to open the box When the mother lost her infant to polio she carried him for three days (a sign or either mourning or possibly sadness at a loss) Chimps only give birth every 5-6 years After 22 years the original tribe separated into 2 and then warfare started. Passion the mother sometimes stole and killed other newborn chimps....
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