L- Pax Ottomanica

L- Pax Ottomanica - L Pax Ottomanica Pragmatism in the...

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L: Pax Ottomanica: Pragmatism in the Provinces and Imperial Longevity November 13, 2007 Importance of conquest of Constantinople o Geographical importance o Economic advantage o Political importance- heirs to the Romans Islamic Gunpowder Empires o Ottomans, 1300-1923 o Safavids, 1501-1732 o Mughals, 1526-1858 The Ottomans under Mehmed II o Devishrme in ascendancy o Central administration o Law codes o Imperial ideology o Rebuilding of Constantinople Bayezid and t he Qizilbash Problem o Bayezid II , 1481-1512 Cautious policy towards the West because of brother Cem (d.1495)- consolidation of sultanate power following major expansion of empire Growth of the navy- necessary to defend new capital and shores of new empire, logistical support for land campaigns Offered home for the Jews expelled from the Iberian peninsula The Qizilbash problem Previously, 3 regional powers o Karak ? o Mamluk sultanate o Early 16 th century – Safavids- masters of Persia, political foes of Ottomans About 200 years Ottomans preoccupied with the Safavids Safavids and Shah Ismail o 1501: Shah Ismail defeated the Akkoyunlu in Azerbaijan
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L- Pax Ottomanica - L Pax Ottomanica Pragmatism in the...

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