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Egger Chapter 4 - • Frequent clashes among various ethnic...

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Middle East I 9/13/07 Reading Notes The Center Cannot Hold: Three Caliphates 750: Abbasid victory over Umayyads Abbasid Caliphate Abu al-Abbas assumed title, al-Saffah, “the blood shedder” 754: al-Saffah dies, his brother Abu Jafar succeeds him and assumes title, al- Mansur, “the victor” 740s- Berber Revolt Abbasid revolution- attempt to make Islamic society more inclusive Military and Economic Problems 809-819: decade of warfare Aghlabids rule in Ifriqiya 833-842: rule of al-Mu’tasim- Abbasid dynasty enters “tragic era” Changes in the army- increasingly multiethnic o Turks- military slaves, mamluks Economy growing weaker- harder to pay soldiers
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Unformatted text preview: • Frequent clashes among various ethnic groups in army • Al-Mu’tasim moves capital to Samarra Assertion of Regional Autonomy • 847-861: caliph al-Mutawakkil • decade of anarchy- 3 of 4 caliphs assesinated • 868: Turkish general Ahmad ibn Tulun appointed governor of Egypt- established autonomous regime • Isma’ilism become major challenge to Abbasid power • 867-873: coppersmith al-Saffar establishes Saffarid dynasty in Khorasan and Afghanistan • 869: Zanj revolt- African slaves • 892: capital returns to Baghdad • Abbadis caliphs reduced to figurehead status Fatimid Caliphate...
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