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L- Ottoman Methods of Rule

L- Ottoman Methods of Rule - L Ottoman Methods of Rule...

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L: Ottoman Methods of Rule: Dynasty, Harem and the Palace October 30, 2007 Legacy Armenian question Balkan wars Ottoman Eras 1300-1453/81: From principality to Empire 1453/81-1699: World Power 1699-1826: Retreat and early reform 1826-1923: Reform, contraction and defeat 1300-1453: The Period of Alternatives : from Frontier Principality to Islamic Sultanate 1300-1402: The First conquests o 1402: Battle of Ankara 1402-1413: Interregnum 141301453: Rebuilding Kose Mihad: Evremos: of Catalan origin First rulers were superficially Islamized Turks Religious mainstream- many Sufis, dervish orders very important Important Dates: 1071: Battle of Manzikert- opening of Asia Minor 1243: Seljuks defeated by November 6, 2007 Turkic principalities emerging Why the Ottomans? Not the strongest Karamanids very strong compared to them Geographical factors o Near Byzantium- trade advantages Legitimization- ideology for the state Ghaza- force behind the Ottomans o Similar to jihad Basic institutions were already there Foundation of Ottoman rule Bureaucratic land codes devshirme:
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