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Jews and Christians under Ottoman Rule

Jews and Christians under Ottoman Rule - Anachronistic and...

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Jews and Christians under Ottoman Rule December 6, 2007 Millet System o In the Quran, millet refers to the people of Abraham o Broad definition- religiously defined people o Until Ottoman empire, millet referred to Muslim community contrasted with the dhimmis o Why the historical confusion? Dual-meaning of term millet Internal: communities of Muslims External meaning: non-Muslim communities
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Unformatted text preview: Anachronistic and inaccurate contemporary scholarship o Issue of Sovereignty • Role of the Dhimmis in Ottoman Society o People of the book o Armenian Christians • Mahmud II , 1808-1839 • Was the Ottoman Empire religiously tolerant? • Ethnic violence- when elite feels threatened economically • Does lack of term mean the thing term is meant to describe was missing?...
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