L-Tamerlane and the Timurids in Persia

L-Tamerlane and the Timurids in Persia - Lecture Tamerlane...

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Lecture: Tamerlane and the Timurids in Persia October 9, 2007 Midterm -ID questions (15-30; 5-10 names, dates and terms) -names, dates, terms -Essay (choose one of three) -periodization, different regimes -political, social, cultural movements Mamluk era: shift of center of gravity Ilkhanate Successor states of Mongol empire o Golden horde, Yuan dynasty Ruled Persia Iraq and Afghanistan between 1265-1335 Legacy: immense destruction o In Persia agriculture was dependent upon underground water systems o In Iraq, agriculture dependent on Euphrates and Tigris rivers- Mongol invasion destroyed these irrigation systems o Mongol expeditions were pillaging campaigns Founder of Ilkhanate empire? o Behaved similar to Chingiz Khan Ghazan (1295-1304)- converted to Islam o Attempted to reconstruct economy Positive Legacy? o Broadening horizons of the region o Successors are from China to Southern Russia to Persia to Anatolia o Chinese technology/innovation- gunpowder etc… o Age of gunpowder- new era of warfare until industrialization of warfare End of nomadic warfare Last nomadic conqueror: Tamerlane, founder of Timurids ***1253-1258: Hulegu o Peria, Iraq o Stopped by Mamluks 1304: Ghazan Timurids Ruled Central Asia, North Afghanistan and Persian between 1370 and 1507 Emerging new states (Uzbeks) in 16 th century Transoxiana- original home Shi’a safavid empire emerges in Persia Timurid Empire in 1405 o Transoxiana o Other players in the region:
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Emerging Ottoman Empire Mamluk Egypt Nomadic principalities Tamerlane o Cruel, but masterful leader o Founder of Timurid dynasty, one of the great civilizations as Central Asia o Name combines elements of strength and weakness Tamur: iron Lane: lame o Political strategist and leader as well In wars, Tamerlane massacred Christians and Muslims- trail of devastation and disaster Capital? Conquered Persia and bordering area of Azerbaijan, parts of India, Syria, eastern Anatolia o Encompassed most important commercial routes between ? Established power based on ? traditions
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L-Tamerlane and the Timurids in Persia - Lecture Tamerlane...

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