D-Islam and the West

D-Islam and the West - Discussion: Islam and the West:...

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Discussion: Islam and the West: Coexistence, C Jihad 3 Sources: Quran Sunnah Works of great Jurists 1) Distinction between moral and religious struggle Religious: Moral: just war 2) Distinction between offensive and defensive jihad Defensive: threat to Muslim population by “hostile unbelievers” Offensive: work towards the establishment of a just, public order o Use of force? 3) Distinction between Shi’i and Sunni Jurisprudence Sunni: makes it more feasible to wage jihad o Able to reach consensus to declare jihad o Adjusting to political circumstances- no distinction between offensive and defensive jihad- both justified o Covert justification of territory expansion Shi’i: divinely appointed Imam is the only person who can legitimately declare jihad o Offensive jihad only can be declared by Imam or deputy o Defensive jihad okay o Caliph vs. Imam Historical Examples Medinah: Meccan tribes continue to fight and rebel Questions: Has the jihad been an expansionary policy or a policy to sustain a state? Can it stay within the supposed “call of God” ?
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D-Islam and the West - Discussion: Islam and the West:...

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