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D- Porous Frontiers, Multiple Identities

D- Porous Frontiers, Multiple Identities - D Porous...

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D: Porous Frontiers, Multiple Identites November 15, 2007 “From Fez to Madrid” Samuel Pallache and the movements of the Mediterranean Jews Jews have resided in Fez since it’s foundations Dissent over favours grantes causes Sultan to move Jews to New Fez, in “Mellahs” o Mellahs- walled cities, ghettos Emigrated from Iberia o Saw Islam as triumphant over Christianity o Dhimmi status – allowed them to work in the administration Badly treated by residents, but well by the Sultan so continued to arrive Mellahs (described by Luis de Marmol in 1540s) o Separate city o Paid double taxes o Mix of respect and disdan o Non-Jews Travellers Prisoners of war, mainly Portuguese Leaving Morocco o Sultan al-Mansur, 1578-1603 Moved capital to Marrakesh Attempted to imitate European capitals Huge building and infrastructure works Prosperity dependent on capacity to manufacture and export Cheap European goods and installation of sugar plantations and refineries
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