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D- November 8, 2007

D- November 8, 2007 - o World-famous Ottoman explorer and...

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Discussion November 8, 2007 Suleiman and Ibrahim, 1523-1536 Suleiman and Rustam 1540s-1550s Suleiman and Steollu Sahibkiran- lawgiver Suleiman o Codified laws o Organized/streamlined the government The White Castle Sultan Mehmed IV o Came to power when he was only 7 years old o Attempted assassination by his grandmother Kosem Sultana o Loved to hunt o Tended to leave affairs of state and war to his viziers o Lost the Battle of Vienna in 1683 Evliya Celebi
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Unformatted text preview: o World-famous Ottoman explorer and author o Traveled all around the Ottoman empire and the surround lands o Wrote many books on Turkish culture o Important in historical and linguistic studies of Middle East • Grand Vizier Mehemed Koprulul • Imperial Astrologer Huseyn Efendi o Political maneuverings earned him enemies in the court o Strangled to death when he tried to flee Constantinople by boat...
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