Punishment - Obedience vs. Respect o obedience- wanting to...

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Punishment November 12, 2007 2 Questions o 1) Is this punishment itself justified? o 2) Are practices of punishment justified? If so, how do we understand their ethical justification? Achieving closure- relief Utilitarian/ Consequentiality approach o Deterrence – both individual and in general In all of these views - Punishment- not an act of revenge, resentment, spite Vigilante justice We have a right to punishment
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Unformatted text preview: Obedience vs. Respect o obedience- wanting to avoid the pain of punishment 4 Expressive Dimensions of Punishment o 1) Appreciate the nature of the wrong of what he/she has done Often requires empathy- put yourself in the position of those youve harmed o 2) Take on the implications for who you want to bcome Morriss view of the objectives of punishment ?...
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