D- The Crusades

D- The Crusades - o 1144: o 1146 : Zenghi killed Second...

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Discussion 2 The Crusades 9/20/07 Prior to Crusades Norman conquests Castilian conquests Muslim empire gets smaller and smaller Turks First Crusade Alexius Comnenus asks Pope Urban II for help Misinterpretation of pope’s message: people think pope is calling for Christians to take Jerusalem back 1096: arrival in Constantinople April 1097: in Jerusalem Franks form majority Relations between Byzantines and Franks crumble 1098: conquest of Antioch o Importance of Antioch Muslim Point of View o Some blame Fatimids, claiming they had invited the Byzantines 1099: arrival in Jerusalem o diverse population in Jerusalem o economic motivation – not just religious Feudal structure established in conquered area Franks not interested in mixing cultures- very few Franks learned Arabic Most states are rivals of each other- but ally against common threats Twelver Shi’ites Damascus and Aleppo allied with Franks- Zenghis- ruler of Mosul- allies with Aleppo and Syria
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Unformatted text preview: o 1144: o 1146 : Zenghi killed Second Crusade • Imad al-Din Zengi conquers Edessa Third Crusade • Saladin o Kurdish o Family trusted by Zengi regime o Becomes quasi- governor of Egypt o Caliph dies, Saladin assumes complete control of Egypt Prayers said to Caliph in Baghdad o Conquers Damascus o Mounts offensive against Jerusalem and other cities • Frederick Barbarossa o Leads his army on land o Drowns on the way- army is left leaderless and is ambushed by Musims • Richard the Lionheart • Philip II Augustus Fourth Crusade Ayyubid Dynasty • Repelled 2 crusades into Egypt led by Louis IX • First female to hold power since Cleopatra • Ended by Mamluk who seized power- 1257 Almoravid Empire • Reconquista • 1085: Toledo captured Italians Importance of Trade and Economy • Money general goes East, and goods comes west • Proves east is more industrious • Mercantilism: encourage exports, discourage imports...
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D- The Crusades - o 1144: o 1146 : Zenghi killed Second...

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