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Tin Pan Alley - Tin Pan Alley January 29, 2008 Music...

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Tin Pan Alley January 29, 2008 Music industry- business entity- puts it out there for the consumer Tin Pan Alley: rise of the music industry Developed in the times from of 1800-1930 Centered in NYC- center for large music publishing houses Eastern publishers had focused on classical and parlor music Smaller firms (in Midwest and West): popular music in small theaters, dance halls, beer gardens, saloons Lower Manhattan: 28 th street Dense collection of small offices for composers, pianists, salesmen “Tin Pan Alley”: pejorative description- loud noises from outside Referred to all the musicians playing at the same time Negative description Described as “rattling of tin pans” Pop- low art Established NYC as center of music publishing and popular music Created entire economy- just printed music Created business model: in-house composers, performers, lyricists etc. Publishers always retained copyright- where $ is made Established watermark of 1 million sales; 1 million=platinum Generic title, i.e. “My old New Hampshire Home” Sheet music cost between 25 and 60 cents Meant for middle and upper middleclass musicians Sheet music sold at specialty shops, catalogues and department stores Most sales generated by “song pluggers”- basically salesmen, some actually produced songs, promoted Song pluggers: often producer and/or promoter Worked on commission
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Tin Pan Alley - Tin Pan Alley January 29, 2008 Music...

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