African American Traditional Music1

African American Traditional Music1 - African American...

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Unformatted text preview: African American Traditional Music January 17, 2008 AA traditional music: complex issues of musical diversity and sociology AA roots music: affected by slavery and forced acculturation o Adapting to the dominant culture Also consider rapport between African and African-American music o Intersect because of culture and Sociology External criteria o Roles affects on transmission and creation? o What is African and what is American? West Africa: Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia Music and dance incorporated in every aspect of African life Secular expressions: celebrations, politics, war, hunting, historical Religion: specific services, veneration of deities, ancestors Music written for purely entertainment purposes Voice instruments, dance utilized in combination Specific information about sound/style of African music o Singing: high intensity, emotional and improvisational o Primary instrument: drum (in all shapes and sizes) o Drum also form of communication o Idiophones: bells, gongs, bones, stylophones Make music out of themselves o Chordophones: fiddle, kora, harp, musical bow Bow instruments o Few wind instruments o Rhythm integral: drums played primary rhythms, keep steady beat o Hierarchy of rhythms going on polyrhythm o Hand clapping, foot stomping Slavery fractured African music traditions...
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African American Traditional Music1 - African American...

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