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Anglo American Traditional Music

Anglo American Traditional Music - Anglo-American...

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Anglo-American Traditional Music January 14, 2008 The Watson Family An expression of identity and culture Music overlaps with others Anglo-American refers to specific origins Musical traditions from present day Copious presence in colonies Attracted to land ownership-settled in eat and south These communities also brought their native culture and music Anglo-traditions exemplified in ballad and broadside Ballad : a text, generally poetic, and a melody which presents a linear storyline o Defined by textual content and specific attributes o Linear storyline- there is a cursory introduction, dramatic conflict and conclusion o With ballads, focusing on critical element s of story o Tend to be objective, non-judgmental o Story the most important o Texts focus on critical moments with basic description o Origins in storytelling o Fewer specific melodies- find more text because oral tradition o Origins may explain death of associated music o Prior quality underlines primacy of text Types of Ballads o Early 19 th century, 3 types of ballad emerge: o 1) Imported: changed little from original form o
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