Popular Music in the 1960s- British Invasion

Popular Music in the 1960s- British Invasion - 1 Popular...

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1 Popular Music in the 1960s: British Invasion April 1, 2008 Mid 1960s: transformation in contemporary popular music Record producers with “visions”, marketing artists More and more artists engaged in creating their own music as producers (Brian Wilson) “Rock and Roll” loses currency Resurgence in hard rock at end of 1960s 1960s: rock and roll represented a demographic (teenagers) 1964: beginning of British Invasion: flood of British recording artists o Beatles, Rolling stones, The Who Beatles: most significant impact Arrival of Beatles often romanticized and mythologized o Came to US because of EMI and Capital (LA) recordings distribution agreements 1964-70: unprecedented sales (only 6 year run in US) Market is cyclical- changes rapidly: 5-6 years is a good run Significant musical development: continued to evolve and change during this time period Innovators: altered the character of popular music THE BEATLES, 1964-1970 o Cover band modeled on Buddy Holly and the Crickets Stripped down sound “Beatles”: beat music Name a derivation of the Crickets o 1962: personnel finalized Paul McCartney: bass John Lennon: guitar George Harrison: lead guitar Ring Starr: drums o o 1962: EMI record contract o 1963: first album, Please, Please Me (UK only) Illustrates how quickly they grew as musicians in one year 14 songs: 6 are covers, 8 are original songs Transition from cover band to original artists o All four contributed to tracks o Lennon and McCartney dominated collaboration however o Producer: George Martin – all except one (Phil Spector produced Let it Be) o Prior to Beatles, Martin was producing classical music o Please, Please Me R&R influence: Berry, Elvis, Everly Bros.
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Popular Music in the 1960s- British Invasion - 1 Popular...

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