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Rock and Roll Continued

Rock and Roll Continued - 1 Rock and Roll(Continued...

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1 Rock and Roll (Continued) March 18, 2008 Previous lecture- underlying theme: reception of Rock and roll Early Stars of Rock and Roll o Rock around the Clock ”- engenders interest of industry o Rock and roll- controversial o Mitch Miller: “The Yellow Rose of Texas” Old fashioned sing-along Meant to be wholesome family oriented alternative to rock and roll o Miller: director of A&R (Columbia Records) o Preferred “crooners”: Doris Day, Frankie Laine, Dion, Fabian o Rock and Roll not universally loved/accepted* o 1955-56: First Rock and Roll stars Crucial for the explosion of rock and roll Chuck Berry (1926-) Elvis Presley (1935-77) o Berry: from St. Louis o Influences included jump music, blues, boogie-woogie, r&b, big band o Trying to figure out his place in the burgeoning market of pop music o 1955: Hitchhiked to Chicago- meets Muddy Waters o Chuck Berry : “ Maybellene ” (1955) First release on Chess Based on country song “Ida Red” (Ida May) Heavy beat, twangy guitar Four piece band: electric guitar, bass, drum set, piano Fast tempo and 8 beat pattern Verse- chorus structure (w/ guitar) Based on 12 bar blues progression Characteristically 3 chords One exception: verse each based on one chord, Hook- 2 chords
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