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Socy MiniPaper - Sarah Michaeli Guber Professor Courtney...

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Sarah Michaeli Guber Professor Courtney McDonald Sex, Gender, and Society MWF 1:00-1:50 April 2 nd , 2008 “Nothing But Little Girls”
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The relationship between American politics, government and women has never been one of ease and understanding. From even the earliest days of U.S history, women have been looked at as inferior or second-rate citizens. Since the U.S. government is almost entirely controlled by upper class, white, old men, it is apparent that paternalism is greatly demonstrated and the attitude of “women-as- less-than-adults” is a common one of those in power. In an article entitled “The Daddy State? No Thanks,” by Jessica Valenti, the author examines the over all attitude of the American government and American politics, with regards to women. Valenti points out the governments underlying paternalism and views of women as lesser beings, or even victims, who need protection. During this article, the author discusses how many Republican politicians clearly hold these views. This attitude is obviously one of
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