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1. Business Model, Business Strategy + Signs of Good Management A company’s business model explains the rationale for why its business approach and strategy will be a moneymaker. Absent the ability to deliver good profitability, the strategy is not viable and the survival of the business is in doubt. 2. Strategic Management Process (5 tasks) 3. Who performs strategic management? What are the roles of each party involved? 4. Why are strategic forms so important? 5. Different types of objectives (financial, strategic….) 6. Levels of strategy and the strategy pyramid 7. SWOT analysis in detail 8. Ethics of corporate strategy 9. How do you know if you have a successful strategy?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Key success factors and industry attractiveness 11. Core competencies and competitive capabilities 12. Benchmarking 13. Generic Competitive Strategies, Low Cost Provider, Differentiation, Best Cost Provider, Focus + Market Niche Strategies 14. What is competitive advantage, how can it be achieve? 15. Alliances, Merger and Acquisitions 16. Vertical Integration and Deintegration 17. Unbundling and Outsourcing Essay 1. Strategic Planning in extreme detail (include stages of process and cascade approach to planning) 2. Know the models each of you discussed in class 3. Know in detail Porter’s 5 forces model of competition...
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