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final study guide - 1 What does entrepreneur mean What...

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1. What does entrepreneur mean? What makes up the definition of ent.? Go-between. Four aspects of entrepreneur – 1. the creation process. 2. devotion of time and effort. 3. assumption of risk. 4. rewards. 2. What are the different types of ventures an entrepreneur might start? lifestyle – a small venture that supports the owners and usually does not grow, foundation – type of company formed from research and development that usually does not go public, gazelle – a venture that has high growth potential and therefore receives the great investor interest. 3. What is meant by intrapreneurship? entrepreneurial spirit within a company 4. What is the cost of acquiring needed capital to start a venture? ownership 5. What are the distinguishing characteristics of an entrepreneur? people oriented, high need for independence, a high need for achievement, leadership oriented, 25-45 years old, technical knowledge, female tend to be firstborn, self-employed or entrepreneurial parents, education, ethics and ethical behavior on the part of the entrepreneur is very important, have an internal focus of control, and have a friends and family support circle. The main thing that usually sparks this entrepreneurial spirit is a disruption. 6. What factors must be considered when deciding whether or not to expand internationally? infrastructure of the country, culture, political and legal environment, economy stability and level of development, the trade status between countries, the type of system to be used. The different ways for entrepreneurs to enter into international
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final study guide - 1 What does entrepreneur mean What...

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