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ORIE 350 Spring 2007 Homework #1 Due January 30, 2007 1. Please write your homework on American 8.5 inch by 11 inch (216 mm by 279 mm) paper. 2. Please use a metal staple in upper left hand corner for multiple sheets. 3. Please use one inch margins. 4. Please work the problems in the same order they appear in the assignment. Do all of the graded problems first, in the order in which they appear on this page. Then (if you so choose) work the ungraded problems. 5. Please use clean pages, not torn from spiral workbook or the back of recycled paper. 6. Any printouts should have managed page breaks. 7. Any graphs or tables should be formatted to print on single page. 8. Please write your name, ORIE 350 Homework #1, and your section number in the upper right hand corner of the first sheet. No cover sheet is needed. Graded Problems 1. Indicate what type each account is (A, L, or SE) and also indicate whether each account below would be shown on the income statement (I/S), balance sheet (B/S), or neither. a. Contributed Capital SE B/S b. Fuel Expense SE I/S c. Cash A B/S d. Rent Expense SE I/S e. Accounts Payable L B/S f. Dividends SE n g. Net Sales Revenue SE I/S h. Cost of Goods Sold SE I/S i. Accounts Receivable A B/S j. Retained Earnings
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ORIE_350_Homework__1_Answers_Graded_Problems - ORIE 350...

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