notes POLI 3-19

notes POLI 3-19 - o Single party government o Coalition...

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3/19/08 Recent Events in Democracy Kenya power-sharing deal o Used to be very majoritarian o Deal moves away from majoritarianism towards a consensual By having a prime minister o Two parties share in government through ministerial positions Somalia 4.5 transitional arrangement o 4 power shares for major parties, .5 share for everyone else Sudan elections- July 2009 o 55% districts o 45% PR seats 25% women Pakistan coalition government Zimbabwe elections- March 29 o 4 significant candidates Executive Type Presidentialism Advantages o Executive stability- one person who can get things done o Avoid multi-party gridlock o Fixed term of office o Direct legitimacy- unifying figurehead o Can involve separation of powers o Cultural norms Disadvantages
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o Can be super-majoritarian o Weakened if elected on plurality May not have support to have significant authority in the government Dangerous in ethnically divided societies Ex. Kenya o Leads to personalized politics o ‘Dual-democratic’ legitimacy If a parliamentary system is there?
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Unformatted text preview: o Single party government o Coalition government, o Or a constitutionally mandated government of national unity • Cases? o Which countries are presidential but might be better as parliamentary? o Which countries are parliamentary but might be better as presidential? o Are there other options? The Importance of Democratic Design o Free institutions impossible in ethnically divided societies o Homogenous society necessary o J.S. Mill, Arthur Lewis o Major cause of failure in democracy is ethnic division TYPE of democracy is the cause, not democracy in general French and British systems do not work with an ethnically divided society • Need to think more consensually o Democracy is a method for handling divisional conflict, thus is very important in ethnically divided societies- Adam Przeworski o But the government must fit the nature of the society o Politics is the primary mode of communication between divergent social groups...
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notes POLI 3-19 - o Single party government o Coalition...

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