Test 6B - Name Samman M/Eate b/S Section Ver 2 Read each...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: Samman M/Eate: b/S Section Ver 2 Read each question carefitlly, then print the letter of the correct answer on the line next to the question, 1. /4 What is the angle formed by the sides of the thread for a Unified thread form? a. 60 b. 30 c. 90 d. 29.5 2, 4 The thread micrometer measures the thread at a. the pitch diameter bf the minor diameter if the helix diameter d. the root of the thread 3. a To cut a 60 degree thread form, the tool is fed into the work at a degree angle. a. 29 b. 60 C. 15 d, 90 4. b The procedure for cutting left-hand threads is the same for cutting right hand threads with two exceptions. as The carriage is Set at 29 degrees to the left and the leadscrew rotation is reversed b, The compound rest is set to the left 29 degrees and the leadscrew rotation is reversed. c. The compound rest is set to 60 degrees and the spindle rotation is reversed. d. The compound rest is set to the right and the leadserew is reversed 5, b By using the thread dial and the levers consistent thread Chasing is possible. a. feed reverse b, half nut c. spindle reverse d. feed engaging 6. £2 The letters “NC” in “1/4-20 NC indicates the bolt is . a. made of nickel cadmium metal b. threaded with national coarse threads e. made of non-corrosive metal d. not clad with any coating X7. M C The “pitch of a screw is the a, angle formed by adjacent flanks of a thread b. number of threads divided by the length of the threaded portion of the screw C. anle o taper formed by the centerline of the screw and the crests of the thread d. distance between correspon mg points on ajacent threads 8‘ Q The infeed of a single point threading tool when making a Unified external thread is . (assume single depth dials) a, .708/ number of threads per inch b. .750/10 cl .750/ number of threads per inch (1. .750 9, Q Unified thread fits are Classified as 1A, 2A, or 3A. The symbol “A” indicates f a. An external thread b, A coarse thread 0 The pitch diameter d The minor diameter 10. Q Thread fit classes l,2,3,4 and 5 are used with the American National Standard; l being a very loose fit a. b. a very tight or interference fit c. a CIOSe fit d. a snug fit i b What type of weld bead is formed by moving the torch or electrode fraside to side as the weld progresses? a. Stringer bead b. Weave bead . Straight bead 2/ Cover pass bead 12. d Which of the five weld joints does not require any special edge preparation /n./ Corner joint I mm . uttJomt d; Edge joint e. ijoint 13, b Which of the following is not a method of preparing the edges of thick metal for welding? 2]. Flame cutting b. Sanding C. Gouging 14. Q Which of the items listed below is not normally used to hold a weld joint to prevent it from warping or changing shape during welding? a. Clamps bi Jigs Ci Fixtures (1. Slip—joint pliers >QS. b Which number and letter combination does the American Welding Society assign to the / overhead welding position? a 1G by 2,6. c. 3G @ 16. a What happens to the size of base metal when it is heated? V a. It increases b. It decreases c. It weakens d. It is strengthened 17. 4 While quenching steel the metal is a. heated and cooled quickly b. heated and cooled slowly c. heated and cooled very slowly d. heated to a fairly low temperature and cooled slowly 18. 0 The process of heating a metal and then allowing it to slowly cool in a special oven is called annealing. a. True b, False 19. b The process of heating a metal and then removing it from the oven to slowly return to room temperature is called _? a. stress relieving b. normalizing C. interpass heating d. annealing % 20. a, The definition of toughness is the ability to v resist ion resist Crackin g C strete breaking a, (I. resist compression pressures ...
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Test 6B - Name Samman M/Eate b/S Section Ver 2 Read each...

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