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Test 6A - Name(A m5 Alf/6 Date/0/¢:43:97 Section/5 Ver 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: (A? m5 Alf/6 Date: /0/¢:43/:97 Section (/5 Ver 1 Read each question carefully, then print the letter of the correct answer an the line next to the question, What is the angle formed by the sides of the thread for an American National thread form? @ 60 . 30 c. 90 d. 295 What tool is used to align the tool square with the workpiece? 7, oo gind‘ gauge c. optical comparator ((9 screw pitch gauge What feature of a screw thread is measured with a screw thread micrometer? ' I 4 I a b, Minor diameter ct Helix angle Major diameter >6 4L 7 The compound rest is set perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece (centerline of the lathe) To cut (chase) an external right-handed thread, the compound must be swiveled: a. 60 degrees to the left ([9 29 degrees to the right c. 45 degrees to the right (1. 59 degrees to the left $4" To produce a true 60 degree thread angle, the tool tip must be positioned - 7' r a. slightly above center right at center C, slightly below center 11 10 degrees above center £2 The designation “1/4-20 describes . at cutting torch tip size @ machine bolt size and threads per inch c. pipe thread die size — “ d. steel plate thickness , 5 External threads may be measured with all of the following except: ‘ i a. Thread ring gage b. “bread roll snap gage r‘hread micrometer @ Q, The infeed of a single point threading tool when making a American National external thread is . (assume single depth dials) .750/ number of threads per inch -. .75 0/ 1 0 C. .750 do .708 A. i9,“ l; (L The coarse and fine thread series refer to the . " a. Number of threads per inch b. Major diameter of the thread 0, The thread angle d. None of the above Q Thread fit classes 1,2,3,4 and 5 are used with the American National Standard; 1 being \J a very Eoose fit . a very tight or interference fit 0. a close fit do a snug fit b The metal to be welded is called the metal. a. Filler ® Base c. Face d Weld ’ 712‘. & What term describes a material’s ability to resist pulling forces? ‘ I at Toughness Tensile strength c. Ductility d. Grain size A What is the purpose of preheating and interpass heating? fl a. To decrease hardness c To stress-relieve the weld d. To increase hardness ’ 7 , What may be done to reduce stress in a weld? " a. Preheating b. lnterpass heating c. Stress—relieving 61:) All of the above A Hardness is defined as the ability a. stretch b, resist compression pressures c. resist high heat @ resist penetration or scratching A tack weld is a small weld used to hold the base metal pieces in alignment. ' / V a. True v _ False Q Which number and letter combination does the American Welding Society assign to the ‘ flat welding position? 16 b. 2G 0. 3G (1. 4G 0k Which of the following is not a welding position i flew r Backhand b. Flat or Horizontal d. Overhead Which number and letter combination does the American Welding Society assign to the vertical welding position? a. 4G a 3G 3. 2G d. 16 ...
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  • Spring '08
  • mahoney
  • Screw thread, American Welding Society, American National thread, screw thread micrometer, degree thread angle

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