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Test 5A - K" I Name Jaflamfl Aflo Date Section Ver 1...

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Unformatted text preview: K" I) Name : Jaflamfl Aflo/ Date: Section Ver. 1 Read each question carefully, then print the letter of the correct answer on the line next to the question. l. a When boring, it is best to have the too] tip . a. on center b. above center c. below center d. none of the above 2. Q In boring, if chatters occurs at shorten the boring bar overhang b. decrease the feed 6. increase the spindle speed d. all of the above 3. Q Name the tool and process used to precisely enlarge an existing hole: a. Boring bar, boring b. Twist drill, drilling c. Counterbore, counterboring d. Parting tool, parting 4. b Which of the following is not part of a procedure for knurling? Mount the work piece between centers to prevent creeping Do not lubricate the knurling tool and work piece Use low RPM similar to RPM used for threading Use a feed of .005” to .015 inches Center the knurling rollers vertically . ‘6 Q Cuttin seeds for reamin are 2% g 6m b, one half c. The same as Usually produced with hardened rolls that create a pattern (1, None of the above 9999'.” that used for drilling. 6, b When deep parting difficult materials a. extend the parting tool full length and feed very slowly b. extend the parting tool a short distance and extend the tool as needed c, increase the back rake on the parting tool (1 set the tip of the parting tool slightly below center 7. Q Knurling is used for: Improving the appearance of a part To provide a good gripping surface To increase the diameter of a part for press fits All of the above Only a and c 09.0.6.” 8. a A or drill driver can be used to keep large taper shank drills from spinning in the tailstock. a. lathe dog b. drill chuck or floating reamer holder (1, socket 9. a A is used to adapt a smaller sized taper shank drill to the taper of thc tailstock a. sleeve bi drill chuck c. lathe dog di socket 10‘ 61. If you are cutting off a piece of stock in a lathe and the workpiece tends to climb over the top of the cutoff tool, you should . increase the height of the tool cutting edge increase the lathe spindlc speed stop the lathe and tighten the chuck stop the iathe and lubricate the dead center til-$7.72“ 11. b The “solidus” temperature is the temperature at which the filler metal is all melted begins to melt cools down and quickly becomes solid begins to become solid FL???" in. C Which of the following forms does brazing filler metal not come in? a. Rods c. Powder d. Wire 13, What is the difference between brazing and braze welding? at The liquidus temperature of the filler metals used for brazing is higher than the liquidus temperature of the filler metal used for braze welding b. Brazing uses capillary action bctween close fitting surfaces, whereas braze welding does not l4, k dWhen oxyfuel gas braze welding, which flame adjustment produces the strongestjoint? a. Slightly oxidizing b. Heavily carburizing c, Any flame adjustment is acceptable (1. Neutral or slightly carburizing 15. Brass is an alloy of copper and a, Silver b. Steel 0. Carbon d. zinc 16. q Hundreds of parts can be brazed simultaneously in a furnace 17‘ a a. True b. False A syringe—type applicator is a helpful tool that can be used to apply flux to a joint. a. True b. False 18. a Flux coated brazing rods are more expensive to use than bare wire rodsr a. True b. False 19$; A brazed or brazc welded joint is as strong as a fusion welded joint. 21. True bi False 7% Q The chemical abbreviation for Siler is AU. a. True ...
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