Test 10B - 7[90 o n/‘ Name Twit/neg Lu{VP/t Date 7...

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Unformatted text preview: 7 [90 / o n /‘ Name: Twit/neg Lu {VP/t: Date: 7 Section L?! 3. Ver 2 Read each question carefully, then print the letter of the correct answer on the line next to the question. 1. OK A follower rest usually has jaws to back up the workpiece. 2 W“ 3 V c. 1 do 4 2. UL. When a long slender shaft needs to be turned or threaded for its entire length which lathe attachment could you use? Follower rest ‘ Telescoping taper attachment / 0. Plain taper attachment d. Steady rest 3. A cat head is used in conjunction with a Steady rest b. Follower-rest c. Tailstock / d. Taper attachment , ’ 4. Vin A steady rest can be correctly set up using a dial indicator on the rotating shaft to check forrunout. ' t - - ' " ' ' \ | True ‘ 5 . Q A steady rest usually has jaws to support the workpiece. a. 2 3 1 V d. 4 0 6. I,” For proper support when turning along thin piece of work between centers, you should use a . a. faceplate / steady rest . draw-in collet d. compound rest i 7. When there is no center hole in the finished end of a shafi of the same diameter, setup of a steady rest would include using the following to find a center. A a. The tailstock dead center A 4/" I, b. A combination square center head V/ or A cat head Bothaandb 8. t 1 Before repairing an object by surfacing, the cause of the failure or wear must be determined. @ True b. False 9. 0‘» Cladding is when surfacing materials are added to the surfaCe of a part to improve properties like corrosion or heat resistance. r) f ( é? True in b. False 10. Ct Which of the following is not an essential step in the surfacing process? Cooling method /, b. Clean metal surface y/ 0. Choose desired process (1. Preheating 11. L The lathe steady rest is normally used for supporting one end of a a short heavy casting held in a three jaw chuck @ long workpiece for facing, drilling, and boring c. short workpiece being machined to an internal taper / d. tubular workpiece being parted between centers 12. 22 Most surfacing electrodes are designed to be used in all welding positions. a; True a.» False 5/ 13. 19 When setting up a center rest, which jaws are adjusted first? Wei Top b". Bottom yr. \ E. Closest to chuck \/ i d. Closest to tailstock r J 14. Q 5 Which of the following is not used to apply surfacing materials? a. Thermal spraying b. Welding c Brazing if" i t: Soldering 15. 1" i What problem is caused by repeated bending, stretching or compressing? a. Abrasion b. Chemical corrosion 0 Metal transfer wear f” Fatigue 16. What problem is is indicated by an eating away of a metal surface? a. Abrasion b. Metal transfer wear _, 0. Fatigue “"1; @ Chemical corrosion / E \f 17. When surfacing with SMAW, a higher electrode current is usually used than when weldin for the same diameter electrode, ’7 n a se 18. 0x A surfacing bead should be 1/16”— 1/4” high. 7 _ True //, False 19. Q What current is used when surfacing with SMAW? a. DCEP fl/ , AC / c. DCEN 20. V2 Surfacing with SMAW is similar to welding with SMAW except a shorter arc length is used a. True 1// False fi/ ...
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Test 10B - 7[90 o n/‘ Name Twit/neg Lu{VP/t Date 7...

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