Test 7B - 575 Name I 7A‘omar5,a tweet/é Date f2...

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Unformatted text preview: 575 Name I 7A‘omar5 ,a. tweet/é Date: / f2 Section (1’; VER 2 Read each question carefully, then print the letter ofth correct answar on the line next to the question, ll 5,1 To properly install a new blade in a hand hacksaw frame, the @ teeth should point away from the handle b. teeth should point toward the handle 0, blade should be kept loose in the frame d. blade should be kept loose in the frame 2. g 3 hacksaw blade will start a cut more easily if you file a nick where the cut is to be started b. apply maximum pressure at the start of the cut (3. coat the saw blade with soap before starting the cut dr turn the saw blade at right angles to the saw frame DJ g: Sawing faster than 40 to 60 strokes per minute while using a hand held haeksaw will enerally dull the blade , b. sharpen the blade at cause the blade to out faster d not change how the blade cuts 4. £2 The term referring to the number of teeth per inch on a hacksaw blade is known as the a. set (E) pitch 0. rake d. thread gauge 5‘ b The type of tooth set on a hacksaw blade where the teeth are continuously staggered with one to the left and one to the right is known as a. double alternate alternate cl raker (1. wave 6. D Double cut files are most effective when used for L sharpening tools ( rough work 0. draw filing (I, finish work 7. The teeth of a file may “clog up” with metal filings and scratch your work. This ii condition is known as a. binding b. drawing 0. jamming @ pinning / x 10.01 ,» 12‘ (A Iii 1541 he edge of a file not having any teeth is known as a safe edge b. smooth edge 0. flat edge (1. dead edge The terms rough, coarse7 bastard, second cut, smooth, and dead smooth refer to the (a?) coarseness of the file teeth shape ofthe file c. size of the file do cuts of the file Which of the files listed will have coarsely spaced teeth? (a? Bastard cut \ Second cut 0. Dead smooth out d. Smooth out What type of power supply is used for SMAW? a. DC CV 56.! AC CV do CX The duty cycle of a welding machine decreases as the output current decreases I True Current that travels from the electrode to the base metal is known as DCEP DCEN AC Two key factors are key considerations in determining the size (diameter) of the electrode and workpiece leads to be used. One is the maximum amperage to be carried. What is the other consideration? a. The polarity of the welding machine b. The open circuit voltage 0. The type of lead connection to be used @ The total distance to the work and back To prevent damage to the arc welding machine , the electrode holder must always be hung on a(n) when it is not in the welders hand a. table edge b. workpiece c. power supply insulated hook 16. f A A bridge rectifier is a group of SCRs or diodes used to transform ac into dc. ® True . False True 17. e polarity switch should never be changed while you are welding, b False 18. Most Welding machines using more than 240V are usually hard wired into a buildings electrical system, but some electrical codes permit them to be plugged into special wall receptacles. ib} False 19, Which of the following statements is not true for the output connections of an ac or do arc welding machine? a. They must always be tight (b) Large slip—joint pliers may be used to tighten the hex nuts on the lead connections e. A “jack” or “tap” is a female socket on the machine d, Wing nuts may be used to connect the welding leads. 20. é Welding machines used for direct current welding require a polarity switch. ...
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Test 7B - 575 Name I 7A‘omar5,a tweet/é Date f2...

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