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Test 8A - " 4t” Sectlon"$9 VER 1 Read each...

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Unformatted text preview: . " 4t” Sectlon ("$9 VER 1 Read each question carefully. then print the letter of the correct answer on the line next to the question. l. 0\ _A reading of 0250 on a micrometer with a l to 2 inch (254—503 mm) range is equal to 1—1/4 inches (31.75 mm) b. 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) e. V; inch ( 1270 mm) d. 2 ‘1: inches (57.15 mm) 2. __ To measure the diameter of a piece of round stock, you should use a 6.5} micrometer hi dial indicator 0. wire gage d. circular slide rule 3. 0\_ To determine the diameter of a small hole, which of the listed tools must be used with a small hole gage to get an accurate reading? Mierometer b. A center gage c. Wire gage d. None of the above 4. £2 _ If a micrometer was opened to a distance of 0.0001 inch, you would say the reading is a}. ten one thousandths of an inch one ten thousandth of an inch c. one millionth of an inch (1. ten millionths of an inch \<5. &_ if the thimble of a micrometer were turned through one complete revolution, the micrometer would open or close by a linier distancz El; . a. .001 r (/0 4.00 c. . 0 d 100 6. A __ A micrometer screw has a pitch of . 50 threads per inch 40 threads per inch 0. 75 threads per inch (1. 100 threads per inch 7. (ex _ To get an accurate measurement using a 12 inch machinist’s steel rule, you should easure . (a. from the one inch graduation mark b. from the zero end on the scale c. on the narrow edge of the scale d. on the unmarked edge of the rule 8. (k The best tool to use to measure the number of threads per inch on a bolt is a screw pitch gage b. micrometer c. tap d. pair of outside calipers 9, O\_ The reading on the vernier caliper scale shown in figure “D” in the illustration is (See illustration 68—0082) 1.820 b. 1.815 c. 2.115 d. 2.820 10. i? The reading on a vemier caliper scale is indicated as 3.380 inches. Which of the figures shown in the illustration represents this reading? (See illustration GS—0082) a figure D g, figure B c. figure E d. figure F 11. E The reading indicated on a Vernier micrometer caliper scale is .2613 inches. Which of the figures in the illustration represents this reading? (See illustration (is—0083) figure D Q figure A . figure E (1. figure G 12. What is the reading of the vernier micrometer caliper scale shovm in figure “C” in the illustration? (See illustration (is-0083) . 0.3678 ‘ 0.4678 0. 0.4258 01. 0.4528 13. b Which of the following is harmful to the mechanical and chemical properties of a completed weld a. Metallic salts @ Alloying elements c. Iron powder 14. Q The number second from the right indicates the welding positions in which the electrode should be used. Tme b. False 15. O\ The current type and polarity are determined by the electrode used. True b. False 16. l A WPS outlines exactly how aweld is to be made and includes the diameter and type of AWS electrode. a. True b. False 17. k The letter “E” in an AWS electrode designation means electric a. True False 18. £2 If an unused electrode exceeds the allowed time afier removing it from the electrode drying oven7 it can only be used for tack welding and cover passes. a. True Deposited weld metal 0. Must be the same 20. (‘l Which of the following is not a method used to strike the are? a. A pecking motion b. A scratching motion c An up and down motion Holding the electrode 1/8” above the base metal ...
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Test 8A - " 4t” Sectlon"$9 VER 1 Read each...

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