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Comm class notes 3-3-08 - Cable blocked out other...

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Patrick Michel Comm 121 3-3-08 How did Networking Influence TV? Remember networking started with radio and there were (at first) 3 major networks (NBC, CBS, ABC) Early experiments with TV started in 1927- Why did TV take so long to start up? Tech specs needed work NBC blue sold in 1943, became ABC Keep in mind… Networks formed to share programming Ownership regulation changed- needed lisences Role of the FCC had changed Distribution systems (broadcast to subscription services and different hardware and software) (handout on Spark) Golden Age of TV:1946-1956 Live, Creative- incorporated ads New talent exploring the new medium Exploring the relationship of advertising and TV Technical Developments Mid 1950s: use of film- I love Lucy 1962 first color broadcast: Rose Bowl Parade 1972- Use of Videotape- was invented in 1956 (1972 brought portable equipment) Cable TV
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Starts in the 1970- Bucks County PA (because of hills) NOT regulated by the FCC Slowly starts to spread through the country
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Unformatted text preview: Cable blocked out other commercials and sold such spaces After deregulation (1984) many phone companies started buying up cable TV Until the 1980s Only 3 major TV networks NBC, CBS, ABC FCC allowed each network 5 O&Os Affiliates primarily carried prime time programs Powerful superstations TBS, WGN, WOR Deregulation was coming. New networks ESPN, CNN, MTV, Fox New ser vices Premium services(HBO, Showtime, ect.) More niche programming Deregulation Keep the government from taking responsibility Give more power to broadcasters Encourage different business relationships: NOW: NBC(GE), ABC (Disney), CBS(Viacom) Telecommunications act of 1996 An attempt to catch up with the changes in media competition and consolidation Bottom line TV programs are to smaller audiences Cheaper programming: reality and contests Original big 3 networks continue to lose prominence to smaller networks and segmented markets...
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Comm class notes 3-3-08 - Cable blocked out other...

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