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Comm class notes 3-23-08 (kinda)

Comm class notes 3-23-08 (kinda) - Late 1990’s Budweiser...

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Comm 121, 3/23/08 Business do not always operate rationally; but always encompasses ideology Advertising and public relations Both are Persuasion industries Advertising persuades you to buy products PR persuades you to buy an image Origins of persuasion Aristotle: rhetoric Persuasion of the spoken word: an appeal to logic Techniques of persuasion Amplification: make some ideas bigger than others Framing: how the context is “framed.” Limiting what you can see Threat/Fear: get attention by shock Finding the maket The work of Edward Boyd and the development of the African American consumer market – 1940s-1950s The youth market Tobacco Ads banned from TV in 1971
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1988 R.J. Reynolds revives the joe camel cartoon character
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Unformatted text preview: Late 1990’s Budweiser uses cartoon animal characters to appeal to young Is the 18-34 market still viable? What contributed to the development of this demographic? Mega-Agencies 4 international agencies dominate Omnicon Interpublic WPP Publicis Controls more than ½ of the world’s revenues Growth areas Shorter tv shows: one hour of 3 primetime hours are comprised of ads (a rise of 8% since 2000) Internet ads Product placement: film/tv/internet (future of point and click) Most people say: advertising doesn’t bother them Advertising doesn’t persuade them Advertising is good: because it helps them make informed choices...
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Comm class notes 3-23-08 (kinda) - Late 1990’s Budweiser...

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