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Lindsay Quick Professor Oleszek AMH 2020-0002 30 September 2022 Analysis ofOn the Road On the Road, written by Jack Kerouac, recalls Sal Paradise’s series of trips across the 1950s United States with his companion and quintessential hero, Dean Moriarty. Recently released from prison, Dean Moriarty amplifies his freedom to the greatest extent, catching Sal by surprise. Dean’s relentless criminal acts and inspirational approach to life influence Sal to venture around the United States with the sole intention of “living life to its fullest.” Sal and Dean’s travels across America embody the pair's struggle of conforming to societal norms and, instead, choosing a more complex and detached lifestyle. This lifestyle is filled with sex, alcohol, drugs, and an undying need to experience the United States.On the Roadby Jack Kerouac advertises an expeditious lifestyle that allows readers to acknowledge, associate, and empathize with Sal Paradise's perception of how he wants to live.
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