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Comm 121 notes 3-10-08

Comm 121 notes 3-10-08 - Common Sense Not going to restrict...

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Comm 121 notes 3-10-08 Reality T.V. Does Reality TV shape our consciousness? Ed Harris- Truman Show clip (we accept what we are presented with) To Catch a predator (mean world Syndrom)(leads parents to over worry) It’s okay Makes us nervous News? (structures our thoughts on what is out there) Agenda setting Red telephone Commercial The Dysfunction- Negative affect of a commercial If it frightens people too much so that they see things clearly enough (they might just run from it) 1. Scare someone 2. Mislead 3. Problem for continuity- We rely on media for some sense of continuity 4. Divert the intention- The red phone becomes something else FCC’s Job Limited in what it can do for content regulation FCC used to look at the networks Networks= common carriers Distribution Content will be watched over by local standards and practices
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3 Models for regulating content Absolute 1 st amendment- Freedom of speech & Press(republican) Social Responsibility- they are responsible to what they put on(Democrats)
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Unformatted text preview: Common Sense- Not going to restrict what goes out (just watch what time its on) Think about what’s going on Status Conferral function Topics covered are important People in media are important Press and government Executive Legislative Judicial (4 th Estates (the press is like the watch dog on these other branches)) 5 th arm of government paid lobbiest People have to learn how media blurs reality >entertainment and in the news Most people reject images they don’t already believe Largest & strongest lobiest are in Media Motion Picture of Association of America Had the highest paid lobbiest ever Avoid censorship Rating system by the industry G/ PG / PG-13/14 / R / X / XXX Clutter- Information overload Industries try to cut through clutter Product placement Demographics Pre-teens Peer oriented Teens very impressionable (self-esteem issue) 18-34 Have not chosen brand loyalty (Dee Article) 35-55 Over 55...
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  • Spring '08
  • Hanson
  • The Truman Show, Ed Harris- Truman, Reality T.V. Does, Reality TV shape, mean world Syndrom, content regulation FCC

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Comm 121 notes 3-10-08 - Common Sense Not going to restrict...

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